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The Japan Times: Dec. 30, 2006
English should be an elective
The debate over whether Japanese children should be taught English at primary school deserves better consideration than it is getting.

The Japan Times: Nov. 20, 2006
Ideological Laundry Unfurled
Japan's neo-nationalistic rightwing is its own worst enemy.

The Japan Times: Nov. 8, 2006
Expected behavior in a school jungle
That large clucking sound you are hearing is the sound of breakdowns in Japan's over-regulated education system forcing some very large chickens to come home and roost in the Kasumigaseki premises of Japan's conservative education ministry, MEXT.

The Japan Times: Oct. 12, 2006
Koizumi vs. Abe Economics
A popular pun in Japanese is to take the word kaikaku (reform, or change for the better) and turn it into kaiaku (to change for the worse.)

The Japan Times: Sept 19, 2006
Ugly Finale to bogus pretexts
The fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on New York's World Trade Center by Islamic militants has come and gone, leaving some glaring contrasts in its wake.

The Japan Times: Sept 06, 2006
Japan fishing for trouble with Russia
In a recent Sunday TV talk program, commentator, writer and former Japanese Cabinet minister Taiichi Sakaiya queried Foreign Minister Taro Aso about the recent incident involving the Russian capture of a Japanese fishing boat.

The Japan Times: July 20, 2006
Japan's anti-North Korea complex
Japan's fevered reaction to North Korea's recent missile tests should not surprise.

The Japan Times: June 06, 2006
Tokyo's hard line slowing solution to abduction issue
Japan is understandably upset over past abductions of its citizens by North Korea.

The Japan Times: May. 31, 2006
Textbook economists leave casualties in their wake
The United States and Europe have their trade problems with China, but pause for a moment to consider what is happening in the developing world.

The Japan Times: May. 8, 2006
Never give an inch to China
Tokyo's propensity for getting into territorial and maritime boundary disputes with its neighbors seems large
日本の強硬姿勢― 中国には一 歩も譲れない

The Japan Times: April. 8, 2006
Pack journalism can be lethal
Some call it pack journalism. It is also lazy journalism.

The Japan Times: Feb. 24, 2006
Insults Reserverd for Islam
Recently, when a Danish newspaper published cartoons offensive to Muslims, Muslim protests met claims that our Western democracies had to uphold the sacred principle of free speech.

The Japan Times: Feb. 1, 2006
Horie and LDP boosters have it coming
Some Western media seem to want to dismiss the Livedoor scandal now convulsing Japan as an example of Japan's conservative establishment seeking to shoot down a high-flying, unconventional entrepreneur who had been too successful.

The Japan Times: Jan. 7, 2006
No rest for 'China Threat' lobby
For as long as I have been in the China-watching business (more than 40 years now), there has always been a China "threat."

The Japan Times: Nov. 16, 2005
No wonder anti-free traders are angry
If you want to understand why anti-free-trade demonstrators in Argentina were so angry nearly two weeks ago...

The Japan Times: Oct 24, 2005
Look for change next year
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's determination to visit Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine needs to be seen in the perspective.

The Japan Times: Sept 21, 2005
System's flaws help keep Koizumi on top
From the start of the recent Lower House election campaign it was predictable that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's theatrics -

The Japan Times: Sept 2, 2005
Commemorating a mistake
Chaos theorists like to speculate how a butterfly flapping wings in Beijing might cause an earthquake in Latin America.

The Japan Times: August 14, 2005
Reform mantra mesmerizes
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's decision to call a Diet Lower House election Sept. 11 solely on the question of post office privatization is curious.

The Japan Times: July 24, 2005
Selling evil without a cause
If British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants to prevent more London bombings, he needs to come up with some better arguments to condemn Islamic militancy.

The Japan Times: June 15, 2005
Free to take exceptions to 'free trade
The harsh treatment handed out to European Union ideals by French and Dutch voters this month was in part a reaction to excessive EU bureaucracy and expansionism.

The Japan Times: May 30, 2005
Western lies blackened Beijing's image
China's successful moves to improve ties with India have done more than sabotage Tokyo's hopes for an anti-China alliance with New Delhi.

The Japan Times: May 19, 2005
Soviet concessions at Yalta
U.S. President George W. Bush rained heavily on Russian President Vladimir Putin's 60th anniversary war-end parade when he said the United States had renounced the Yalta agreement that conceded to Moscow postwar control over Eastern Europe. Putin had every right to be annoyed..

The Japan Times: April 15, 2005
Shedding imposed war guilt
Tokyo is right to blame the Chinese authorities for failing to prevent damage to Japanese diplomatic and other properties during recent anti-Japanese demonstrations.

The Japan Times: Mar.24, 2005
Northern Territories dispute highlights flawed diplomacy
Japan is now in serious territorial disputes with all of its neighbors -- Taiwan, China, South Korea and Russia.
このところ日本は、すべての近隣国― 台湾、中国、韓国、ロシア―と深刻な領土紛争を起こしている。

The Japan Times: Feb.17, 2005
Racist banner looks frayed
Understanding Japan and the Japanese was never meant to be easy. This is especially true for the Japanese attitude to foreigners -- at times exclusivist and at other times extremely open.

The Japan Times: Jan.18, 2005
Same old contrived hysteria
Japan seems headed for yet another bout of emotional confrontation with North Korea and China.

The Japan Times: Dec 21, 2004
Price of Exclusivity Too High
"Nippon Chinbotsu" -- Japan Sinks -- was the title of a 1980s best-selling novel that predicted how massive earthquakes would push the Japanese islands below the waters of the Pacific.
日本沈没」は、大地震が日本列島を襲い日本が太平洋に水没することを予言した1980年代のベストセラー小説だ。ずぶ濡れの生存者はオース トラリアを 目指すのだった。

The Japan Times: Nov 23, 2004
Irony Lost on Conservatives
The Japan Times editorial of Oct. 11, titled "Almost all wrong on Iraq," strongly criticized the foreign policies of the conservative U.S. administration. But on the same day and on the same page...



The Japan Times: Oct 11, 2004
New Mindset is the Only Salve Japan-China relations are in trouble, again. The latest recriminations began with the fierce booing of a Japanese soccer team in Chongqing in July of this year.

The Japan Times: Sept 26, 2004
Blame supply-side policies
Toyoo Gyohten was the senior Ministry of Finance (MOF) official handling international affairs back in the early '70s, and a source of wisdom to those of us trying to understand Japan's financial maze.
病める経済 ― 罪はサプライサイド政策に

The Japan Times: Sept 15, 2004
The Tiananmen Square massacre myth
China's recent ceremonies to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of former leader Deng Xiaoping have given the Tiananmen massacre myth yet another lease of life.

The Japan Times: Aug 22, 2004
Barbaric immigration policy
Japan's current campaign against visa overstayers is both puzzling and cruel.

The Japan Times: July 22, 2004
Myths Of Intelligence Exposed
One reads with anger the conclusions of the U.S. Senate report and the British Butler report on the false intelligence reporting used to justify the U.S.-British attack on Iraq.

The Japan Times: June 18, 2004
Shifting rightwing goal posts
Japan's increasingly powerful rightwing has gone to some strange lengths to condemn Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's recent admirable efforts to improve relations with North Korea.

The Japan Times: May, 25, 2004
Iraq and the End of History
U.S. President George W. Bush says often that the American aim in Iraq is to promote something called "democracy." But what is this democracy?

The Japan Times: April 27, 2004
Don't credit PM for recovery
The Japanese economy is recovering. Why? Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi can hardly take the credit.

The Japan Times: April 10, 2004
A fight that does not finish
Tokyo's angry reaction to the threatened retaliatory killing by Iraqi militants of three young Japanese civilians taken hostage this week reminds one of how much the impasse in Iraq parallels the 1960s quagmire in Vietnam.

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